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About Us

The FSACOFP works with its members to provide all possible resources, receive the latest information on practical and technical advances in osteopathic family medical practice, continue medical education to provide for constructive learning opportunities, and provide a wide variety of specific member services designed to help our members and their physician extenders. Our members have chosen to specialize in family practice and osteopathic manipulative treatment.


Michelle Fiorillo, DO

Lynn Michael Waters, DO

             Jorge Luna, DO          


Traci-Lyn Eisenberg, DO


Michelle Fiorillo, DO

Vice President

Lynn Michael Waters, DO


Pamela Moran-Walcutt, DO


David Magness, DO

Immediate Past President

Jorge Luna, DO, FACOFP


2021-2022 Florida Society ACOFP Executive Committee & Board of Trustees

FSACOFP Past Presidents


FSACOFP Proposed Bylaws

Mission Statement:

To promote and advance the standards of family practice in the field of osteopathic medicine and surgery.
To be the leader in the osteopathic profession in the provision of primary care.
To promote access to health care to the American public.
To enhance the public's awareness of services rendered by osteopathic family physicians.
To encourage and improve the educational opportunities for the training of family physicians in osteopathic medicine and surgery


M.D.s and D.O.s

D.O.s and M.D.s are alike in many ways. Both undergo similar education, typically consisting of four-year undergraduate degrees in the sciences and four years of basic medical education, followed by three to six years of specialty practice. Both D.O.s and M.D.s are fully qualified physicians licensed to prescribe medication and perform surgery. They belong to separate but equal branches of the US Health Care System, and together they enhance the state of health care available in America.


About Osteopathic Medicine

An osteopathic family physician treats the whole person, not just a disease or its symptoms. Osteopathic family physicians provide disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment strategies for you and your entire family from infancy.


Holistic Care

Since this focus promotes an appreciation for the interrelationship between body, mind, and spirit, they can provide you with the most holistic and comprehensive family medical care available. Their interconnected relationship allows osteopathic family physicians the unique ability to diagnose and effectively treat conditions that may elude non-osteopathic medical professionals.

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Florida Society of the Amercian College of Osteopathic Family Physicians