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Improve your practice and further your career with our numerous member benefits. The Florida Society American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians, based in Tallahassee, Florida, serves family physicians, students, and residents throughout the state.



Increase your personal and professional effectiveness by taking advantage of the many services we provide, whatever your practice setting. We offer a wide variety of member benefits, including:


• Information Central
• Publications
• Liaison Activities
• Leadership Opportunities
• Public Relations Activities
• Job Placement/Career Opportunities
• Florida Society ACOFP Annual Convention

• Governmental & Regulatory Affairs
• Communications/Website



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The FSACOFP Newsletter

Keep up-to-date with the state of the osteopathic profession in Florida. The Florida Society News—the official publication of the Florida Society ACOFP—is one of the only statewide publications dedicated to Florida osteopathic family physicians. This newsletter is published bi-monthly and is distributed via mail and email to over 2,000 osteopathic family physicians in Florida, as well as to hundreds of other related medical and non-medical locations, including:

• Family Practice DOs
• Hospitals
• State Legislators
• Government Officials
• Students at Osteopathic Colleges
• Professional Suppliers
• Osteopathic Medical
   Colleges in Florida

Comprehensive Information

The Florida Society News features a vast array of both medical and non-medical information for osteopathic family physicians, including the latest in medical research, state and national legislative and regulatory issues, and information on the latest activities of the Florida Society ACOFP.

Subscriptions & Advertising

Keep current with all the latest news. For more information on The Florida Society News or for advertising opportunities, please contact the Florida Society ACOFP Headquarters at 850-878-0213 or via email at info@fsacofp-fl.org.

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