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Equipment Engine Program - Commercial Lease Financing

The FSACOFP has partnered with American Commerce Bank, N.A. and TCP Leasing, Inc. to bring you fast, efficient financing for medical equipment. As a member of FOMA, you will get great leasing terms using an online application with only 14 questions, such as name of practice, address, how many years you have been in business, and piece of equipment looking to lease. Electronic documents will be sent to you to e-sign and return allowing the leasing company to transfer funds and get your equipment on its way.

- Quick, Easy Equipment Leasing with great rates
- Short On-line application with 2 hour Approval Process
- 24 Hour Funding with 100% Financing PLUS Set-up Costs
- For more information, contact Chris Spreher at 919-760-3972

Florida Society of the Amercian College of Osteopathic Family Physicians